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“Our aims are simple; to provide the best possible service and advice to our clients, utilizing the highest standards in terms of Quality, Health & Safety thus enabling our clients to achieve targets and complete contracts within their final budgets.’’

Building since 1980

A lliance Air Duct LLP. Is a newly formed company and is part of RNPGROUP which was established in the year 1980 by the chairman of our group Shri. Ramesh Narayan Patil.

The duct manufacturing sysyem is initiated through a software program developed in United Kingdom, in which the sizes of required ducts are fedon choosing respective fitting option such as taper, elbow, tee and radius etc. The software automatically calculates the required number of sheets along with the labels for sticking on to the duct blanks.

The group has head quarter in Navi Mumbai. The group has its core expertise and interest in the field of Engineering, Infrastructure development, hospitality and Engineering Services. With 37 years of rich experience and presence in the industry the group has acquired niche clientele to name a few TATA Group, Godrej Group, Shapoorji Pallonji Group, Voltas Limited, Aditya Birla Group, Larsen & Toubro, Hindustan Construction Co., Toshiba, Hitachi, Lodha, Reliance Industries Ltd.,Schindler and many more.,

Today RNP Group is catering to more than 750 customers across India. To provide adequate, timely and quality services to the customers the group has its presence in various parts of India Such as Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Vishakhapatnam.

RNP Group has strength of well qualified engineers and technicians. Possessing a strength of over 300 employees We have employed the state of the Art Technology from our computerized estimating and take off computer and software through our computerized production area with its plasma Arc cutters, welders, Rollers and Duct machines.

This automation offers our customer rapid service, high-tech quality and a cost effective product unequaled in industry.

Our commitment to meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services and the quality management system and attention to detail assures you confidence not only in a top quality product meeting to your particular specifications but also that we are dedicated to serving you in whatever way from start to job finish.

"Our versatility is wide range of product truly make us your “One stop Duct Fabricator”.

With state of the art manufacturing facility, Our state of the art equipment and skill workforce quickly attained best-in-class levels of quality and productivity, offering superior products at competitive prices, Alliance Air Duct recognizes that price, quality, time, and service are key components to customer satisfaction and is committed to exceeding customer expectations.

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Plasma Cutting Machine

The plasma cutting machine download the respective file created plasma specific project and cuts the duct fittings feed in the computer. Each blank of ducting is tagged with gummed labels for proper identification. All duct fittings are cut on plasma cutting machine, a unique computerised cutting system which uses compressed air to cut the metal sheets.The high velocity jet of high temperature compressed air is directed on to the sheet by means of plasma torch which cut the sheet into the required profile.

ADF Machine

Automatic duct former is computerised duct forming line having four coil un-winders. It is versatile machine selects the suitable coil based on the gauge and width of the duct.On programming the machine produces”L” shapes or “Full Box” shaped ducts continuously. It also prepares plain sheets for plasma cutting machine and ALPHA-CGF flange forming.When compared to other machine it is compact and highly productive machine so that higher production can be achieved shorter duration.

CGF Flange Forming Machine

Aliance-CGF is alternative to the “Slide on Flange” on all straight ducts & duct fittings.CGF roll former, forms a continuous girth flange with rotary metal stitching, air-tight and strong mechanical joint. This patented flange eliminates the cost of buying & making duct flange frames and increases the productivity.

Nu-Lock Auto Seaming Machine

The Nu-Loc auto seaming machine does the completed longitudinal seam from two raw edges to the finished seam.The duct is first pre-formed into any square or rectangular size from a minimum of 100 x 100mm. The duct is laid into the “V” shaped guides with the open corner downwards.The leading end of the duct is clamped together to prevent any twist being formed, and is released from the clamp after the seam is completed.

CGF Corners

After closing the seam solid “ or “ corners are inserted into the CGF flange by help of wooden mallet or hammer.
“I” corner are pinched together by means of hydraulic crimping tool to from bond.

Finished Duct

Finished duct in either 20 or 30 mm Alliance CGF flange profile in accordance with HVCA DW 144 of U.K. and SMACNA of U.S.A. Standards.


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CGF (Continuos Girth) flanging systeam is an unique and patented, not only for being integral to the duct, but for being in line with the more common slips on profile flange. CGF shape and dimensions are almost identical to the slip on flange so the CGF systeam has all the advantages without loosing the standard look of the finished duct.

Advantages are that the CGF shapes is the strongest in the market and allows more internal space in the section for the corner piece. Also by stitching the flange back to the duct wall the defection strength is doubled: almost equal to a complete rolled section. The British Specification (Dw144) acceptance test for the British ducting market is a very stringent benchments: they categories all cross-joints into 6 categories i.e. J1 through to J6 (J=Joint). Usually all requirements for J5 and J6 specification must use a 40mm flange with tie rods.CGF is first and only flange to pass J5 and J6 with 30mm CGF integral flange for both deflection and leakge.

Other advantages (related to the manufacturing process) are that the CGF flange goes right in the corner, where as a slip on flange must be at least 15mm eihter side of the corner which makes it more difficult to seal and does not appear as neat. The speed of manufacturing, especially on large ducts is much faster than conventional slip on flange methods, providing vastly superior production efficiencies, with minimal changes to the plasma program.

Advantages of Alliance- CGF Flanges Over Other Duct Flanges

Conform to British Standards
Strong, aesthetically pleasing, Rigid because of double folod and mechanically stitched design.
Minimal leakage since Flanges are integral part of the Duct.
Unique Design makes CGF Flanges are integral part of the Duct
Less Mastic and Sealants required
Site assembly is very fast because of special corner pieces
Can withstand High Pressures
Saves on labour & additional joining accessories such as Screws, Pop Rivets.
Tested as per B.S.R.I.A. (British) Standards
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